Our audience on DAB+

Our listeners are dedicated to the station and share our aims and ethos of community cohesion and support the Heritage Radio platform that opens up much needed dialogue across different groups regardless of faith, ethnicity or social background.

Heritage Radio broadcasts throughout the whole of Manchester and surrounding areas. We are on air 24 hours a day, all year round.

We broadcast predominantly in English, and also in other community languages such as Arabic, Urdu, Turkish and French.


Advertising and Sponsorship

The following prices are intended for community businesses:


Based on 6 slots per day. For 8 slots per day add £265 on to the relevant package.


Based on a 1 month campaign

£720 Per month

10% discount based on a 3 month campaign

£680 Per month

15% discount based on a 6 month campaign

£640 Per month

20% discount based on a 12 month campaign


30 slots a day – before and after each weather update

£1000 per month



The travel is played 4 times during the peak hours of broadcasting. Breakfast and Drive Times are our most popular shows. An average Breakfast & Drive-time Show is three hours long. By sponsoring the travel feature you will have 24 mentions daily.

£1000 per month



This is based on a minumum of 24 mentions a day, 2 mentions every hour depending on presenter availability. Our time check is an informative way of bringing peoples attention to your brand!

£1000 per month



This is a fantastic way of promoting your brand on our popular shows by giving it your personal touch. You will get 8 mentions per hour, as a bonus, you will also have a live mention which will be read by the presenter.

£250 per show



This is a core part of our daily programming and is played 5 times a day. Sponsoring the Adhaan consists of 2 mentions at the start/end of every Adhaan. This is an extremely effective way of promoting your brand on Manchester’s only 24 hour Islamic station. Prices during ramadan will vary.

£1000 per month



This is the ultimate three day advertising campaign spread over the weekend. It will consist of 30 mentions and 2 live announcements by the presenter especially tailored to your advertising requirements. Our weekend taster package is the perfect way of testing the power of radio advertising.

£199 per weekend